Lincoln Project founders ready to join in lawsuits if Trump disputes election results: report
Donald Trump (Olivier Douliery:AFP)

In an interview with Newsweek, one of the principals in the Lincoln Project, which has been bedeviling Donald Trump with highly critical ads for months, said their work will not be over after the election has ended.

The group, headed up by disaffected Republicans including conservative attorney George Conway, GOP strategists Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson, and Republican Party campaign adviser Stuart Stevens, have already stated they will continue to go after conservative lawmakers who put the president before the country for the past four years and, according to Newsweek, they are standing ready to help if the president contests the election results in the courts.

According to Ryan Wiggins, senior communications adviser for The Lincoln Project, "We have a team of attorneys and election experts ready to assist and intervene when and if necessary."

The report goes on to note, "The group previously filed an amicus brief in a case where a group of Republicans was attempting to have roughly 127,000 votes be cast out in Harris County, Texas, due to them having been cast at drive-thru centers," a suit that was dismissed by a federal judge.

The group's plans to help out with any lawsuits is related to Trump threatening to claim victory before all the votes have been counted.

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