This is what moved one lifelong evangelical Republican to support Joe Biden
Former Vice President Joe Biden, photo by Marc Nozell

While evangelical Christians this year still overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump, exit polls show that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden shaved off a small but significant portion of them.

New York Times columnist Elizabeth Bruenig has interviewed one such evangelical voter who has been backing Republicans since the 1980s who this year decided it was time to break with the GOP and back Biden.

Longtime Christian activist Dave O’Bannon explains to Bruenig how he believes conservative evangelicals have transformed from Christians who happen to vote Republican into Republicans who happen to be Christians.

And it was the rise of Donald Trump that showed him just how far many evangelicals had strayed from their mission in getting involved in Republican politics.

"I don’t see where the Republican Party and, my gosh, Donald Trump, check hardly any of those boxes," he tells Bruenig.

O’Bannon says that he gradually came to feel like a hypocrite as his zealousness for electing Republicans gradually overtook his zealousness for preaching the words of Jesus Christ -- and he fears that evangelicals' embrace of Trump has only tarnished many people's views of conservative Christians as being hypocrites as well.

“Four more years of Donald Trump will move our culture further away from the church,” O’Bannon tells Bruenig. “And sadly, some further away from a relationship with God.”

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