Trump's former chief of staff: 'I recommend' that he 'accepts a peaceful transition of power'
Mick Mulvaney -- screenshot

Former acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told CNBC that President Trump would "absolutely" allow for a peaceful transfer of power when and if Joe Biden is declared president.

“I recommend that he accept a peaceful transition of power, which I think he would do absolutely anyway,” Mulvaney said.

“Look, the president is a fighter, there’s no question about it, and you’ll see him fighting down to the very last,” he continues, adding that “at the end of that process, [if] Joe Biden’s the president, you can absolutely guarantee a peaceful transition of power. I just hope the same is true on the other side.”

However, Trump hasn't made any comments indicating that he would do so, repeatedly calling into the question the integrity of the election because of mail-in voting. As POLITICO points out, Trump is currently trailing Biden with 214 electoral votes to Biden's 264.