Video proves Trump is lying about attending COVID-19 'pandemic preparedness' event at G20
US President Donald Trump at a press conference in the East Room of the White House, October 2, 2019. (AFP / Saul Loeb)

President Donald Trump and economic adviser Larry Kudlow are furious after a CNBC report saying that the president didn't attend the "G20 Leaders Side-Event: Pandemic Preparedness and Response" on Saturday during the summit.

According to CNBC's White House correspondent Eamon Javers, Kudlow texted him a message, which Trump then tweeted out on Sunday.

"Eamon, top of Cnbc (sic) website it says Trump did not deliver a message on pandemic 1st session. Completely false. I wrote message w/ speechwriters. He delivered it. Was 3rd speaker. Mnuchin & I sat next to him. This is shoddy, biased and fake news. Cnbc should be ashamed. And retraction w/apology should be made," Kudlow said.

The story that CNBC reported says that Trump did "not participate in pandemic preparedness session," which is true. Trump attended the opening session where he was third to speak, and he did address the COVID-19 pandemic. Then he went golfing on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday afternoon.

A video of the "G20 Leaders Side-Event: Pandemic Preparedness and Response" shows all of the speeches, what was said, and that Trump was nowhere to be found.

Still, Trump maintained he was there.

See the video below or at the G-20 site.

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