White House requests names of DOD staffers who applauded outgoing official so they can be fired: report
Mark Meadows on CNN -- screengrab

White House officials are reportedly seeking to terminate some Department of Defense staffers because they applauded Acting Under Secretary for Policy Jim Anderson after he reportedly resigned.

Longtime conservative columnist Bill Kristol revealed that he had spoken with former DOD officials after Trump fired a large portion of the civilian leadership at the department.

As Anderson was leaving the building, staffers were said to have applauded the outgoing acting under secretary. White House officials who learned of the incident later demanded a list of those who had clapped for Anderson "so they could be fired," Kristol said.

"A sign of the loyalty-oath atmosphere now at DOD: When Jim Anderson was fired yesterday as Acting Under Secretary for Policy, he was given a 'clap-out' as he left the building," Kristol explained. "The [White House] called to request names of any political appointees who joined in so they could be fired."