Judge tosses out Trump supporter's voter fraud lawsuit after plaintiff admits she wasn't even registered to vote
President Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Phoenix, photo by Gage Skidmore.

Can someone have been defrauded in the 2020 presidential election if they never even bothered registering to vote in that election?

That's a question that the Pinal County Superior Court in Arizona had to answer this week after local resident Staci Burk filed a lawsuit demanding that President-elect Joe Biden's win in her state be overturned based on multiple unsupported allegations of mass fraud.

Pinal County Superior Court Judge Kevin D. White answered that question with a resounding "no" on Tuesday, as he ruled that Burk did not have standing to claim she was defrauded by the election results if she never even bothered to register to vote in the first place.

"Plaintiff by her own admission was not registered to vote for the 2020 general election," wrote White in his decision, which was posted on Twitter by Arizona Republic reporter Maria Polletta. "She therefore does not qualify to contest the election... because she was not an 'elector' of the state and country in which she resides."

White also faulted Burk for making her allegations of fraud more than a month after the election ended on November 3rd.

"Plaintiff waited until 35 days after the election and seven days after the certification of the election to file her first complaint," wrote White, she also noted that said complaint was "defective."

Read the whole dismissal below.