Pence AWOL from Trump ‘election fraud’ crusade — and seems to have been dropped from campaign logo: report

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that outgoing Vice President Mike Pence is making efforts to distance himself from President Donald Trump as he fights to overturn the result of the presidential election.

"Since Nov. 25, not a single fundraising email from the Trump campaign or its Republican National Committee fundraising account has featured Pence’s name in the 'from' field," reported Asawin Suebsaeng, Lachlan Markay, and Sam Stein. "And this week, that Republican National Committee joint fundraising committee, the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, made another subtle change: a handful of its emails swapped out the official Trump-Pence campaign logo for one featuring just the president’s name."

"Several high-level sources say that the graphics change, along with Pence’s disappearance from the headers of President Donald Trump’s increasingly frantic and conspiratorial pleas, are not actually coincidental," continued the report. "According to four people with knowledge of the matter, they reflect an effort by the vice president and his team to distance Pence from some of the president’s more outlandish claims about a conspiracy to undermine the election and illegally deny him a second term in office."

One high-ranking administration official said, “It is an open secret that Vice President Pence absolutely does not feel the same way about the legal effort as President Trump does. The vice president doesn’t want to go down with this ship … and believes much of the legal work has been unhelpful.”

Pence has been named as a possible presidential contender in 2024, an effort that could be complicated by hitching himself to a president who has denied the legitimacy of the election and is hinting about another run of his own.

"As Trump has tended to his own future, Pence has preferred to place his energies on the critical Senate run-offs in Georgia," said the report. "Pence, sources say, privately views the Rudy Giuliani-led legal operation to overturn the 2020 election through the mass disenfranchisement of votes as counterproductive and doomed. And, as a former governor himself, he has been particularly uncomfortable with Trump’s attacks on Republican governors in some of the key battleground states that he lost. The president has accused several GOP leaders of incompetence or negligence in their inability or unwillingness to stop the certification of their state’s election results."

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