Trump launches angry Friday morning tweetstorm
President Donald Trump (screengrab)

President Donald Trump has a mere 39 days left in office, and while he refuses to acknowledge that fact, his grasp on reality appears to be just as rapidly unraveling.

Friday morning the President launched a series of angry tweets, covering everything from North Korea to Hunter Biden to his unlawful call strong-arming the President of Ukraine to "the dam vaccines" to demanding the Supreme Court overturn the election, to this tweet that left many people actually worried:

He did manage to acknowledge there is going to be a Biden administration, claiming it will be "a scandal plagued mess," which is exactly what he has inflicted on America for the past four years. There is zero reason to think Biden will do the same, given the incredible wealth of talent and expertise he has already assembled. But everything with Trump is projection.

Whenever Trump says "everybody knows," you can bet he's lying.

Trump tried to turn Hunter Biden's announcement that his taxes are under investigation into vindication of his call to the president of Ukraine, a call that was unlawful.

But as Vox reports, the DOJ's investigation "has focused on Hunter’s business dealings in China," not Ukraine. "And Joe Biden 'is not implicated,' per CNN."

Trump, who has washed his hands of the coronavirus pandemic entirely, is trying to steal all the credit for the vaccines – even though he refused to buy enough and now it appears Americans will have to wait months longer than we were told to get inoculated.

Trump literally called the vaccine "one of the 'greatest and fastest medical miracles in modern day history.'" minutes after blasting the FDA for being "a big, old, slow turtle," that's "playing games," and ordering the FDA chief to "Get the dam vaccines out NOW."

Trump will go down in history as the worst president ever America has ever seen. He likely will face massive legal problems once he leaves office. There will be no "Trump 2024," at least not for Donald Trump. And it will take at least until then for America to start recovering from this disaster.