WATCH: Trump rally crowd boos Charlie Kirk and Ben Shapiro before chanting 'Destroy the GOP'
Nick Fuentes speaking at a Million MAGA March rally (screengrab).

Supporters of Donald Trump turned on the Republican Party at a rally held in Washington, DC on Saturday.

A speaker with a bullhorn on a makeshift stage urged far-right provocateur Nick Fuentes to take the stage.

"And this kid, believe me, everyone has thrown him under the bus," the speaker said.

"Charlie Kirk," the speaker listed by name -- to boos from the crowd. "Ben Shapiro, the original never-Trumper. We hate Ben Shapiro!"

Fuentes then took to the stage.

"At the first Million MAGA March, we promised that if the GOP would not do everything in their power to keep Trump in office, then we would destroy the GOP," said Fuentes. "And as we gather here in Washington, DC for a second Million MAGA March, we're done making promises. It has to happen now, we are going to destroy the GOP."

The crowd then began chanting, "Destroy the GOP" as seen in video posted by News 2 Share producer Ford Fischer.