8-year-old boy arrested after choking and slashing another child in the throat with a kitchen knife
Police handcuffs (Shutterstock.com)

An 8-year-old boy in Florida has been arrested after he allegedly slashed the throat of another child and threatened to "kill everyone," WESH2 reported.

The incident started when the boy choked another child, who was being fostered at the home in Lake County. The boy let the victim go after he said he couldn't breathe but attacked him again, this time with a knife, cutting the victim's throat.

The victim's friend eventually was able to wrest the knife away from the boy and hide it, stopping the attack. As the boy searched for the knife, he threatened to “kill everyone," according to a police affidavit. The boy then picked up a stick and attacked again, but other children were able to intervene.

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The 8-year-old fought with officers when they arrived at the scene before they transported him to the Lake County Detention Center. He now charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, battery by strangulation, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting a law enforcement officer.

The victim who had his throat slashed was not seriously hurt.