A Black city councilman spoke out against police killings -- then he caught a cop urinating on his property

A councilman in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, says he has security video footage of a deputy urinating on his funeral home property, which is says was an act of retaliation being carried out by the deputy. The Herald reports.

Councilman Gabriel Adkins, who is Black, has been outspoken about the police killing of Andrew Brown Jr., which took place last month, and he says the video is proof that police are targeting him for being outspoken.

"Since this case with Andrew Brown, I've been out protesting," Adkins told The News & Observer on Monday. "I really feel like they are retaliating back against me. Maybe they didn't know I had surveillance, but it's a funeral home."

He says he's seeking legal advice and plans to press charges over the video showing the deputy urinating.

"I'm just getting real worried I might be the next target, or they're trying to set me up," he said. "On top of it being a crime."

Adkins has partaken in multiple marches, some of which were organized by him, demanding the release of the full video documenting Brown's killing.

Watch the video below:

Elizabeth City councilman says ring.com video shows deputy urinating outside his Black funeral home www.youtube.com