Teacher 'humiliated' 11-year-old by duct taping his mouth shut

A North Carolina mother shared a picture of her 11-year-old son with tape covering his mouth — tape that the son said the teacher placed over his mouth as punishment, WFSB reported.

Catherine Webster admitted her son Brady can be talkative and a class clown, but the teacher's actions at Smithfield Middle School has her distraught.

On Feb. 14, she got a selfie from her son inside the school which showed painter’s tape stuck across the sixth grader’s face.

“Just layer after layer, there were some pieces that went right up to his lower eyelid,” Webster said. “So, I showed the principal the photo, and she took us into her office."

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The school launched an investigation and found "it had been going on, you know, about two months, and it had happened to several kids in the classroom. And sometimes she tapes some kids’ wrists together. Sometimes she tapes their mouth,” the mother said.

Brady told his mother he was “humiliated,” and he was afraid to speak up.

“We can confirm that whenever such allegations arise, our administration responds swiftly, by investigating the allegations and, sometimes, by removing staff from classrooms pending completion of a thorough review,” the school system said in a statement.

After their own investigation, the sheriff’s office decided not to press charges against the teacher.

“It’s a very lucky thing that Brady doesn’t have some condition like asthma. I want to know who is going to be holding people accountable when they do things like this and make these errors in judgment,” Webster added.