'Parks and Recreation' actor charged for allegedly throwing paint on George Floyd memorial in New York
Micah Beals (NYPD).

According to People Magazine, actor Micah Beals, who had a minor role on the sitcom "Parks and Recreation," has been charged for allegedly vandalizing a statue of George Floyd in New York City.

"Beals allegedly rode by the statue on a skateboard and threw gray paint on its face and base on the morning of Oct. 3, police said. A previous tweet from the NYPD included footage from the incident," reported Katie Campione. "As an actor, Beals is known under his stage name: Micah Femia. He has appeared in one episode of Parks and Recreation, as well as an episode of CSI: NY. His other credits include several short films, along with the feature film Pop Star."

After the incident, Gov. Kathy Hochul condemned the crime as "reprehensible" and directed the Hate Crimes Task Force of the New York State Police to investigate.

George Floyd became a nationally known figure after he was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer who knelt on his neck for 9 minutes. It sparked furious protests around the country, and was one of the few cases of police violence that led to a conviction against the officer.

Imagery connected to the Black Lives Matter movement has been a frequent target for vandals. In April, California families displaying signs supporting the movement reported having their tires slashed.