Vets advocate hammers Biden team for 'shameless spin' on Afghan evacuation -- and compares them to Bush in Iraq
President Joe Biden (Screengrab)

Longtime veterans advocate Paul Rieckhoff delivered a scathing denunciation of President Joe Biden and his administration's handling of the crisis in Afghanistan, and he compared them to the Bush administration's handling of Iraq in 2003.

Rieckhoff on Twitter teed off on Biden and his officials for continuing to put rosy spin on the situation at the Kabul airport, in particular their claims that evacuations are moving "efficiently."

"If Ned Price, Jake Sullivan, John Kirby and Jen Psaki were Republicans, every Democrat and most of the media would be calling for them to be fired right now," he wrote. "Watching them all dance and spin is shameless—and insulting to the American people—and especially to the Afghan people."

He then said it reminded him of listening to Bush administration officials saying that things were going well in Iraq when the reality was that American forces were losing the country.

"It's really getting ridiculous now," he wrote. "They're sounding like the Bush administration in 2003 as Iraq was falling apart. We were on the ground getting shot at -- and Ari Fleischer, Dan Senor and others were saying we had enough troops, plenty of equipment and the mission was accomplished."

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