'Racist statement' from Arbery killers' attorney merits contempt of court: former homicide prosecutor
Beverly Green with the Transformative Justice Coalition demonstrates outside the Glynn County Courthouse during jury selection for the three men charged with the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery(AFP)

On CNN Monday, legal analyst and former homicide prosecutor Paul Callan tore into the counsel for one of Ahmaud Arbery's killers, calling her remarks "racist" and suggesting they were grounds for holding her in contempt of court.

"As we saw in the Rittenhouse trial, self-defense can be a difficult thing to disprove," said anchor Jim Acosta. "Did the prosecution effectively dismantle these arguments made by the defense in this killing of Ahmaud Arbery?"

"I think they were very effective overall," said Callan. "However, I have to say I was shocked by a couple of the closings today. The primary one being Laura Hogue speaking on behalf of Greg McMichael. Ending her closing argument to the jury by saying he had long, dirty toenails. That was one of the most disgusting, disgraceful things I've heard an attorney say in a criminal proceeding throughout my career. I could tell you this. If you said something like that in a northern courtroom, you'd be held in contempt of court. There might even be a mistrial. It's just a racist and improper statement."

He then went on to analyze the performance of defense attorney Kevin Gough.

"The other big surprise, I think, was how effective Kevin Gough, the attorney for Bryan, was during his summation," added Callan. "He's been kind of a joke throughout the trial, making motions for a mistrial because there are too many Black pastors watching the case and suggesting that because they were hearing on a federal holiday, they had to close down. He made a dynamic presentation on behalf of his client and may have earned an acquittal in this case. We'll see. It was quite a day in court."

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Paul Callan says McMichael defense attorney's "racist" statement grounds for mistrial www.youtube.com