'These defendants are going down': CNN legal expert predicts Ahmaud Arbery's killers won't escape justice
Travis and Greg McMichael and their neighbor, William "Roddie" Bryan are charged with the February 2020 slaying of 25- year-old Arbery. - Octavio Jones/Getty Images North America/TNS

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, a former defense attorney and mayor of Baltimore, told CNN's Erin Burnett on Tuesday that Ahmaud Arbery's killers are very likely to be convicted by a jury.

While breaking down the final days of the trial, Rawlings-Blake said that prosecutors had done a good job of knocking down the defense's claims that their clients were making a "citizens arrest" of Arbery, despite the fact that they admitted they didn't witness him committing any crimes.

"It is essential that the prosecutor rip apart any notion that this was a citizen's arrest," she said. "I mean, think about it. What the jurors have heard in this trial, would they want to give that power to another human being, that they could just think that they thought that they saw something and, on that basis, be able to take someone's life?"

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Given how much prosecutors had torn apart the "citizens arrest" claims, Rawlings-Blake predicted the jury would have no option other than to convict.

"I think that it's going to be really difficult for there to be any decision, other than that they did not have any right to self-defense," she said. "These defendants are going down."

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