Agitated Trump fan calls Dem congressman the ‘biggest racist’ – then gets calmly slapped down

During the call-in segment on C-SPAN this Thursday, a man tore into Congressman Al Green (D-TX), accusing him of letting "millions of people" into the country so that a "Republican will never win again."

"I'm pretty sure you have enough [illegal immigrants] in Texas right now because you're letting in 200,000-plus a month," the caller said.

Just before he was cut off, the caller called Green the "biggest racist ever."

Given a chance to reply, Green said that "to a certain extent, I understand why the gentleman expresses himself the way he does."

"A lot of what we hear over the internet and the social media platforms is misinformation," he said. "Personally, so people know, I'm not for open borders. I do believe that a country has to have borders ... but the law is such that people can come to our border and ask for asylum."

Green went on to say that there is no law that limits the number of people who can apply for asylum, and there's a process that is implemented to either grant or deny people asylum.

Watch the full exchange in the video below:

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