Embattled Alex Jones is getting around his social media ban -- here's how
Conservative figure, Alex Jones, uses a megaphone to voice his opinion as he increases the level of tension between protesters (Shutterstock)

According to a report from the Daily Beast's Jared Holt, embattled Infowars founder Alex Jones, who is facing financial ruin while being accused of trying to hide his assets after filing for bankruptcy protection, is keeping his conspiracy-based media empire alive by using a cut-out company.

As Holt notes, Jones is helping fellow right-wing extremists push new conspiracy theories into the internet under the banner of a separate video hosting platform called "Banned Video."

Jones has been de-platformed by a host of social media sites which has, inn turn, caused him to lose major sources of income and the Beast's Holt explained that the Banned Video is allowing him to stay in the game with a collection of like-minded hosts who have their own stories to tell.

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"Though Jones and Infowars have been ejected from most mainstream internet services, Banned Video has provided a vehicle for far-right creators to side-step some of those restrictions. In a sense, Jones has found a way to keep his legacy (and businesses) thriving, even after having been 'canceled' by 'Big Tech,'" the Beast's Holt wrote before adding, "It has enabled those creators to rack up millions of views, collectively, and to leverage things like online payment processors, enabling their content to become profitable. And through the implementation of redirecting URLs—with names like Free News and Battle Plan News—Jones and his crew have been able to veil Infowars content as links are posted to mainstream social media sites."

Case in point, the report states, is Infowars producer Greg Reese who has been creating videos that, in some cases, have resulted in millions of views.

According to Holt, some of those videos parrot Russian propaganda.

"One such video on the platform blends baseless accusations that Ukraine is overridden with Nazi sympathies, along with an antisemitic bent. In that video, Reese echoes historical distortions to allege that Zionist political forces shared alliances with Nazis because both wanted 'their own ethnically pure state,'" the report states before adding other videos from Reese are still pushing conspiracy theories about Covid-19 vaccines.

According to Dan Friesen, co-host of the podcast Knowledge Fight, which monitors Infowars content, even if Jones personally falters his new stable of hosts will continue to soldier on --even if they don't bear his name or the Infowars label.

“The main goal of Infowars is to obscure and confuse reality, to make people sort of believe in alternative sets of facts. I think there are a lot of folks doing that, with or without Alex, now,” Friesen explained. “In a grim sense, the damage was done a while ago.”

The Beast's Holt added, "Tech platforms interested in keeping Jones and his cronies off their services must realize that moderating a figure like Jones brings with it a constantly shifting game of whack-a-mole, requiring adaptability and a close, constant eye."

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