Alex Jones' security chief fostered relationship with his teen son to monitor his ex-wife during custody battle: report
In this file photo taken on September 05, 2018 right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones speaks with reporters in Washington, DC. (Jim Warson / AFP)

The head of security for Alex Jones' Infowars used his relationship with Jones' child to monitor Jones' ex-wife Kelly Jones, the Houston Chronicle reports.

According to text exchanges shared with the Houston Chronicle, the security chief for Alex Jones' media company often shuttled Jones' then-14-year-old son to and from school, took him on a hunting trip and even exchanged memes poking fun of Jones and other Infowars figures.

Exchanges between Jones' son and the security chief, who is reportedly a former member of the private contracting group Blackwater, show the man asking the teen about Kelly Jones' day-to-day activities.

"Kelly Jones reported the ex-Blackwater operative's behavior with her son to the Hays County Sheriff's Office in 2017. Emails shared by Kelly Jones show that a sergeant reviewed her report and recommended that she handle the matter civilly. Chron did not receive comment from the Hays County Sheriff's Office in time for publication," the Houston Chronicle's report stated.

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"Reports that Alex Jones' head of security used his kids to keep track of his ex-wife follow a Rolling Stone report that described texts from Alex Jones' old phone showing that he worked with another former Blackwater operative, who was also part of the host's security detail, to track Kelly Jones and Alex Jones' current wife, Erika Wulff Jones."

According to the Chronicle's report, the monitoring of Jones' ex-wife occurred during a lengthy custody battle that began after Kelly Jones filed for divorce in 2013. In 2017, Kelly Jones won shared custody and the right to decide where the kids would live.

Jones is currently facing multiple defamation suits brought against him by parents of victims murdered during the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting, who say he defamed them by accusing them of being crisis actors.