Alex Jones claims 'Black, white, Hispanic, old, young' people shower him with praise in restaurants
Alex Jones (Photo via Shutterstock)

Disgraced and bankrupt right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed on Tuesday's edition of twice-convicted felon Steve Bannon's War Room that residents of liberal areas of Texas have been approaching him in public to express their sympathy for his legal and financial embarrassments.

Jones told Bannon that "with the pain of being prominent, and not having privacy, you actually get a real gauge. I go to the most liberal areas of Austin now that I avoided for years, had some of the best restaurants without even security now. And literally I go in a restaurant and almost everyone comes over and says, 'We're sorry we were wrong. We know the government's evil. We know the country's been hijacked.'"

Jones stated that he "took my wife out to dinner with some friends last Thursday" and that "almost everybody in the restaurant came over, an Italian restaurant — Black, white, Hispanic, old, young — then I walked to the parking garage, ran to three groups of people. And Black, white, and Hispanic, every group said, 'We love you. We're sorry. We used to think you were bad.'"

Jones then extrapolated conclusions from his purported experience.

"So what that shows me is in the most leftist areas, they're even converting and there is a real global awakening," he said. "There is a great awakening happening as the counter to the great reset."