Alex Jones warns of liberals 'eating babies' based on out-of-context video
InfoWars/screen grab

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones told his audience that liberal elites are likely "eating babies" after taking philosopher Sam Harris' words out of context.

On his Sunday afternoon broadcast, Jones called attention to an interview between The Young Turk's host Cenk Uygur and the philosopher.

"I thought surely it's out of context," Jones said before taking the clip out of context. "I have the transcript here where he says why don't we just start eating babies? We've got all these extra baby parts; millions we kill every year. Why don't we just eat them?"

"So, that's the next evolution, and you will eat the bugs as you will eat the dead babies," he continued.

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Jones read Harris' quote: "The example I often use is, if we want to get to the ethical bedrock, we should be able to say things like 'Why can't you eat babies? There are sometimes extra babies in the world, and they're full of protein. Can't we eat them?' This is not a conversation about eating babies; this is a conversation about how you can close the door to this idea that we both recognize as repellent and why we recognize it that way. But there are people out there who will say, 'Hey, Sam Harris is a guy who wonders why we can't eat babies.'"

"Isn't that what this whole system is," Jones said, ignoring the clip's context. "And that's what the New World Order is setting up."

"They are using every part of the baby for medical experiments and the medical industry, and we allow ourselves to be defiled," he added. "We all die inside."

Claims that liberal elites run trafficking rings to service their desire to eat babies was a theory popularized by the QAnon movement.

Watch the video below or at this link.