Alex Jones takes ivermectin — and launches crazed rant about Joe Rogan: 'You think I'm easy to kill?'

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said he was ingesting ivermectin and a steroid on-air on Friday during a bizarre rant.

Jones had the camera zoom in on two packages, one of which was 3 mg dosages of ivermectin and the other 4 mg doses of methylprednisolone.

"See this? See this Fauci? You see this Bill Gates?" he asked. "I'm going to kill those prions, you b*st*rd murderers, you're going to hit me with a bioweapon? You monster. You want to suppress me? You want to kill me? You son of a b*tch! You goddamn demon. You think I'm easy to kill? Think I'm going to roll over to your cr*p?" he asked.

He then appeared to take a pill and wash it down with something from a green bottle.

"No! And Joe Rogan kicked your murdering ass, too. You'd love to bury him, too, you little monster maggot," Jones said, before appearing to swallow a second pill.

Jones then used a mocking voice to complain about those who have criticized the intelligence of the two podcasters.

"Yeah, that's why Joe's worth like $300 million, yeah, he's real stupid. That's why he lives in a $60 million house on the river," Jones said, apparently conflating podcast popularity with medical wisdom. "You leftists taking all the shots and dying are dumbasses. He's the one that headlines with Dave Chappelle, not you. You're stupid."

He went on to argue that Dr. Anthony Fauci "wants the planet for himself and he wants you dead!"