Trump Org's Weisselberg facing additional legal problems if he delivered 'a loss to the prosecutors': report
Allen Weisselberg in mask (Photo by Timothy A. Clary/AFP)

Political and legal observers are anxiously awaiting a verdict in the tax fraud case brought against the Trump Organization for felony tax fraud, but it is likely no one is more worried about the outcome than longtime chief financial officer Allen H. Weisselberg who is already looking at jail time after a plea bargain.

According to a report from the New York Times' Jonathan Bromwich and Lola Fadulu, the 12 jurors who hold the fate of Donald Trump's signature company in their hands began deliberations on Monday afternoon and have already made one appearance to ask for a clarification from Judge Juan Merchan.

As the Times reported, the jurors asked the judge to "repeat his specific instructions on one of the 17 counts the Trump Organization faces. Otherwise, they have been meeting in private, leaving the 15th-floor courtroom at State Supreme Court in Manhattan in a mood of anticipation that hardly dulled as the day wore on."

That "anticipation" is shared by Weisselberg who could see his legal fate impacted if prosecutors feel he didn't come through for them during his testimony.

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As the Times is reporting, Donald Trump's chief financial guru is at risk of additional jail time or possibly new criminal charges depending on how the Manhattan district attorney's office views the verdict when it comes in.

According to the report, "Mr. Weisselberg himself will either see his testimony convict the company that he spent most of his adult life working at, or his account could deliver a loss to the prosecutors — who could then still investigate him for other crimes or, if they decide that he did not stick to the conditions of his plea deal, request that he serve more time behind bars for the ones to which he has already pleaded guilty."

The report added the former president is likely awaiting the verdict to find out "... whether the company that served as his launching pad to the presidency will be branded as a felon."

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