'He's going to flip': Allen Weisselberg's ex-daughter-in-law says longtime accountant will turn on Trump
MSNBC/screen grab

Allen Weisselberg's former daughter-in-law said that she expects the Trump Organization's chief financial officer to testify against former President Donald Trump.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Jennifer Weisselberg reacted to the news that a special grand jury has been empaneled to hear evidence against the Trump Organization.

"I lost my breath," Weisselberg recalled. "I was in shock actually. I didn't realize it was going to happen this soon. I did anticipate it happening but I was shocked."

According to Weisselberg, her former father-in-law "changed dramatically" after Trump became president.

"It really went to their heads. They were extremely enabled and had no accountability," she said. "Weisselberg does lie. He has perjured himself with the presidential inaugural committee, with most depositions. Looks like he was trying to avoid the inevitable but now that there is a personal criminal probe on him and they are going really hard on his children -- Barry and Jack -- he's going to flip."

"When it comes down to being 75, you have to look at what's best for your own family," Weisselberg added.

Watch the video below from MSNBC.