Weisselberg headed up an 'intense' tax fraud scheme — and could go to prison: Legal expert
Donald Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr. arrive for a news conference at Trump Tower in New York, as Allen Weisselberg, center, chief financial officer of The Trump, looks on Jan. 11, 2017. - TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/AFP/TNS

On CNN Thursday, legal expert and criminal defense attorney Caroline Polisi weighed in on the charges against Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg.

"15 counts against Weisselberg, 10 counts against the Trump Organization," said anchor Jake Tapper. "Does that surprise you?"

"Big picture, potential charges and certainly everything that Michael Cohen testified to before Congress, this is sort of a big letdown is that these aren't the big time fraud charges, not bank fraud, insurance fraud, wire fraud, things like that," said Polisi. "That being said ... as garden-variety tax fraud schemes go, this is a pretty intense one, and the indictment is fulsome. Clearly the district attorney has done his job."

"This sounds more like a federal indictment, actually, than a state indictment," added Polisi. "We're getting up to $900,000, a million dollars in loss amounts. That means Weisselberg could be facing jail time. It doesn't carry a mandatory minimum, so there could be an opportunity for a probationary sentence, but if they're trying to get Weisselberg to flip, this gets a little bit more in that direction."

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