‘Almost impossibly stupid’: George Conway slams Trump-appointed judge’s opinion on special master
George Conway MSNBC

The Trump-appointed federal district judge who on Monday granted the former president his request for a "special master" is facing criticism from many legal experts, among them, George Conway.

Conway is the attorney who Donald Trump was considering to be U.S. Solicitor General but asked to have his name withdrawn. He may be best known for successfully arguing a case before the U.S. Supreme Court and obtaining a unanimous 8-0 verdict, being an anti-Trump conservative activist, and being married to former Trump White House Senior Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.

"The opinion is almost impossibly stupid," Conway tweeted Monday afternoon, referring to Judge Aileen Cannon's decision for a special master. .

He pointed to an observation made by attorney Eric Columbus, who served at DOJ, DHS, and as a special counsel in the House and Senate.

"Judge Cannon noted 11th circuit precedent," Columbus wrote, "that an indictment can constitute irreparable injury."

Conway responded, saying, "But if he’s indicted, it would be for possessing and retaining documents he wasn’t entitled to possess and retain, and that therefore were … properly seized!!"

That caused him to conclude, apparently exasperated, "The opinion is almost impossibly stupid."

Alabama attorney Michael J. Evans, CEO at American Legal Alliance weighed in, adding, simply, "I agree with George."

Conway also retweeted law professor Steve Vladeck's tweet that laments, "So much for the hope that Judge Cannon was bending over backwards to look like she was accommodating Trump. This is twisting the law into a pretzel in ways that are as unsupported in precedent as they are unlikely to be followed in any future cases. Just a sad day for the courts."