Alyssa Farah Griffin accuses her co-hosts on The View of being hostile to other women
Photo: Screen capture

During a segment on The View this Monday about "toxic femininity," the show's resident conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin said that while society has come a long way in calling out men for their toxic behavior, women have been given a pass for the most part.

"We've come a long way in kind of critiquing the some of the male practices that are not helpful and that needed to be called out," Griffin said, adding that she thinks "women have made a ton of progress, but we can also be each other's worst enemies."

Griffin went to say that some of the worst bosses she's had have been women, as well as "colleagues in the workplace."

As Griffin was talking, co-host Ana Navarro interjected, saying, "That's what happens when you work with Kellyanne Conway," referencing Griffin's past work for the Trump administration.

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Navarro's comment seemed to draw a mixed reaction from audience, and prompted Griffin to suggest that Navarro was proving her point.

"Well, I I can't really get a word in without you attacking me, so I wouldn't say this is a totally different -- this is like a totally different environment," Griffin shot back.

Watch the video below or at this link.