Neighbors nervous about police presence around home of NJ man whose racist rant went viral
Edward Cagney Mathews

A New Jersey man whose viral rant against his Black neighbor that resulted in the even more viral video of his arrest as protesters gathered around his home has his community on edge over his eventual return home, TMZ reports.

Edward Cagney Mathews' neighbors are bracing for his return due to local HOA's plans to beef up security, along with a reported plan for a sizable police presence on his block in anticipation of his return home, which could be as early as Tuesday.

"It doesn't seem like the outrage will blow over easily ... as we first told you, prosecutors are digging into past allegations of similar incidents involving Mathews," TMZ reports. "If you're wondering, the HOA says it has no authority to kick Mathews out of the community. So for now, they're just buckling up and bracing for the worst."