NYC blasts Andrew Cuomo for ‘unconscionable’ failure on Census

On Monday, The New York Times reported that officials in New York City are accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo for costing the state a congressional seat through lack of preparedness for the Census.

Reports indicate that New York was just 89 people shy of keeping all 27 of its congressional districts — a margin that could easily have been the result of an undercount in a few communities around the state. Had this happened, Minnesota would have lost its 8th congressional district, which it now retains.

"The tight margin led to some immediate recrimination about how New York had prepared for the count, which took place as the coronavirus surged in the state. Some progressive lawmakers and officials in New York City cast particular blame on Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo," reported Shane Goldmacher. "'The state was simply M.I.A.,' said Julie Menin, who served as the census director for New York City. 'The governor and the state simply did not want to prioritize the census.'"

Cuomo is separately facing anger for allegedly covering up nursing home deaths from COVID-19, and a number of alleged sexual misconduct incidents.

In general, the new Census apportionment is better than expected for Democrats, who are losing fewer seats in states they control than some experts anticipated. As the Times notes, New York's redistricting process will also likely feature Democrats seeking to maximize partisan advantage, trying to draw out Republican seats as much as possible.