Montana AG ordered weapons charges dropped against anti-masker who 'hit an employee in the genitals several times'

The Montana Attorney General's office recently ordered a county attorney to drop two misdemeanor conceal-carry charges that were levied against an anti-masker who repeatedly punched a restaurant employee in the genitals after they asked him to comply with the establishment's mask rules.

The Helena Independent Record reports that the office of Montana AG Austin Knudsen told Lewis and Clark County Attorney Leo Gallagher to drop two of four charges facing Helena man Rodney Robert Smith.

According to court documents, Smith grew so angry with a local restaurant's mask requirements that he flashed a weapon at employees and then "hit an employee in the genitals several times."

Even with the misdemeanor weapons charges dropped, Smith is still facing felony assault charges.

The Montana AG's office eventually took over the case from Gallagher after he said he could not comply with the office's instructions, which he said would not "comply with my oath of office."

"In response to questions for this story, spokespeople for the Department of Justice said Gallagher requested the department to take over the case but omitted Gallagher's comments that he felt he could not dismiss the charges and still comply with his oath of office," writes the Helena Independent Record. "Spokesperson Kyler Nerison said Monday the office was unable to comment further on ongoing negotiations."