Man refused to get vaccinated even after his own father died of COVID – now he’s dead from COVID too
(Screenshot via KFOR)

Michael Stevenson of Oklahoma City moved to Florida a few year ago for work, and it was there that he contracted COVID-19, which ultimately killed him. His wife, Melinda Young, told KFOR that "a shot would have saved him," but he held onto the belief that the COVID vaccine was a government conspiracy.

"A lot of people think the shot is how they were going to track people, [that] the government tracks people or they're trying to take too much control," Young said.

Even after Stevenson's own father died, he still resisted getting vaccinated. Two months after his father's death, Stevenson found himself in the hospital.

"Within 48 hours of being admitted, he wished he would have got the shot because he was already that miserable," Young said. "His body was hurting. He couldn't breathe. He wished he would have gotten it."

A week and a half after being admitted to the hospital, doctors asked to take Stevenson off the machines that were keeping him alive. Young granted them permission. Now she says that saving lives can be Stevenson's legacy.

"We promised he would not die in vain," she said. "No one that we can touch will go through what we went through because no one deserves it."

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