Anti-vaxxers wearing MLK shirts storm Burger King to protest mandates -- and make life miserable for patrons

A group of anti-vaxxers in New York this week stormed a Burger King restaurant to protest the city's rules for vaccine mandates, and wound up making life miserable for both patrons and workers.

A video posted by the @PatriotTakes Twitter account shows anti-vaxxers clad in shirts commemorating civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. inside the Burger King and creating significant commotion.

At one point, one male anti-vaxxer demanded that his fellow protesters lock arms with him to block off a section of the restaurant, which caused angry pushback even from other anti-vaxxers.

"I want to know who will lock arms with me!" the man shouted at the top of his lungs, though he did not get any immediate takers.

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Burger King workers can also be seen behind the counter yelling at the protesters and telling them to leave.

New York City police officers showed up and informed the protesters that the law required them to be masked and vaccinated -- at which point they started chanting, "Mandates are not laws!"

Watch the video below.