AOC trolls ‘rudderless’ McCarthy, GOP over debt ceiling negotiations
Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speak about the importance of a Green New Deal at a town hall organized by the Sunrise Movement. (Rachael Warriner /

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday trolled House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his fellow Republicans over the debt ceiling debate.

The progressive congresswoman from New York argued that Democrats have a clearer path to resolving the debt ceiling debate.

AOC noted that Democrats would need just a handful of Republicans to join them in backing a clean bill whereas, McCarthy (R-Ca.) would need at least 50 Democrats to cross party lines for a deal that would have tepid support among his own caucus.

“Here’s the deal: McCarthy has nowhere near the votes for a deal and therefore cannot negotiate debt ceiling,” AOC tweeted..

“You need 218 votes. GOP has maybe ~150. They will need anywhere from 50-100 House Dems to pass anything.

“Dems have 213 votes for a clean bill & just need to pick up 5.”

AOC wrote that if the House speakership selection chaos earlier this year is any indication, the Democrats are dealing with a “rudderless” negotiating partner.

“We got a preview of this during McCarthy’s disaster of Speaker vote in January. He doesn’t know how many votes he has on what. That’s what makes this “negotiating” rudderless,” AOC wrote.

“How do you deal with someone who cannot deliver passage? Clean bill needs 5. He can’t pass without Dems”