'Karma': Arian Taherzadeh's former friends dish after his arrest for impersonating DHS agent
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Following the arrest of Arian Taherzadeh and Aider Ali for impersonating DHS agents in an elaborate ruse, two former friends of Taherzadeh in Kansas City are speaking out.

The Daily Beast described one man as "a former friend and business partner."

“You could call it karma,” said the source, who once launched an IT consultancy with Taherzadeh.

“I got burned a couple of different times and I finally walked away," he explained. “I laid my price out for the six months, and I never got paid. He would string me along, and string me along, and string me along.”

The two men reportedly lived and worked in the same townhouse, according to Joe Lehman, who told The Beast he knew both men at the time.

“The servers were on the bottom, they lived on the middle floor, and the third floor was the party floor,” said Lehman.

In 2007, Lehman teamed up with Taherzadeh to bid on manufacturing dog licenses for Kansas City municipal government despite not having any experience in manufacturing.

“He was somehow able to bullsh*t them enough to win the bid. He told me he needed to meet with all these city officials, and he wanted to bring me on as the frontman. I made up an LLC, I put on a suit and tie, [and] we went and showed these people an empty office building," he explained. “He moved away, and last I heard, he was like a Border Patrol agent or some sh*t.”

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