'Worse than you think': Elections observer shares stunning details after watching 'mismanaged' Arizona audit
The Arizona ballot audit. (YouTube / Screen cap)

Trump supporters' audit of Arizona's election results has been widely criticized, especially after it was revealed that they are searching ballots for traces of bamboo in an effort to prove nefarious Chinese influence.

Elections observer Jennifer Morrell expected the Arizona audit to be crazy and disorganized when she went to see it earlier this month, but she still came away shocked by how poorly run it was.

Writing in the Washington Post, Morrell said that the Arizona audit is even "worse than you think," as its procedures are so sloppy that any conclusions it reaches will not be taken at face value.

"In more than a decade working on elections, audits and recounts across the country, I've never seen one this mismanaged," she observed.

She then recounted the myriad problems with the way the audit is being handled.

"I was stunned to see spinning conveyor wheels, whizzing hundreds of ballots past 'counters,' who struggled to mark, on a tally sheet, each voter's selection for the presidential and Senate races," she wrote. "They had only a few seconds to record what they saw. Occasionally, I saw a counter look up, realize they missed a ballot and then grab the wheel to stop it. This process sets them up to make so many mistakes."

Even more stunning to Morrell was the fact that ballots were being inspected for traces of bamboo, and that auditors would flag ballots as suspicious just for having stains on them.

"At one point, I overheard some volunteers excitedly discussing a stain on a ballot," she revealed. "'It looks like a Cheeto finger,' one said. 'Like someone's touched it with cheese dust!' That had to be suspicious, their teammate agreed. Why would someone come to the polls with cheese powder on their hands? But I've seen ballots stained with almost anything you can imagine, including coffee, grease and, yes, cheese powder."

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