'This is going to be a giant joke': CNN reporter delivers brutal epitaph for Trump-backed Arizona 'audit'
Screen cap / CNN

The results of the Trump-backed Arizona "audit" are due to be released on Friday, but CNN reporter Kyung Lah said on Thursday that no one except for diehard Trump fans will be taking it seriously.

While discussing the audit, host Jake Tapper asked Lah if she expected its results to have any resonance beyond people who already believe that Trump actually won the 2020 election.

"The blindly faithful to Donald Trump will probably take note of this," she replied. "But election workers and election experts both, Republicans and Democrats, are widely saying this is going to be a giant joke."

She then went on to recap how things got this far and how they got so out of hand.

"It was funded by conspiracy theorists, millions of dollars funded into this exercise," she explained. "And then you mentioned the Cyber Ninjas, the ones who actually conducted this beyond just having no experience. The CEO also tweeted and retweeted baseless election fraud theories."

She then showed footage of an interview she did with Republican Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates, who has been targeted with harassment by Trump supporters.

"I call it a show trial," Gates said of the "audit." "I mean, that is what all of these have been up to this point. It is a Soviet show trial. Democracy is not the word I would use, but a theater show of an attempt to steal an election."

Watch the video below.

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