Arizona GOP official documents the full 'madness' of the Trump-backed vote audit
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Stephen Richer, the Republican Maricopa County Recorder, has written a lengthy editorial for the National Review in which he documents the electoral atrocities being committed by supporters of former President Donald Trump in his state.

At the start of his piece, Richer asks National Review readers to imagine the IRS subjecting them to a tax audit that was conducted by someone who "had no applicable professional credentials, had never previously run a tax audit, believed that Hugo Chavez had nefariously controlled your tax-auditing software [and] had publicly stated prior to examining your taxes that you'd certainly committed tax fraud."

All of this, he says, is exactly what's been happening in Arizona, where Trump supporters have accused him and other GOP elections officials of covering up the dead Venezuelan leader's involvement in a plot to steal the 2020 election from the former twice-impeached one-term president.

Richer also says that Cyber Ninjas, the firm that's conducting the audit despite never having conducted an audit before, has been running "a slipshod process that would never be used by professional election auditors and which has earned the widespread ridicule of election officials."

All of this leads him to conclude that the firm's final report on the 2020 election should be disregarded, no matter what it says.

"Perhaps I could have celebrated another confidence-boosting audit if it had been run by a professional elections firm like Clear Ballot. Or else a top-notch auditor like Deloitte," he writes. "But Cyber Ninjas? I'm not going to believe a darn thing they say. And I'm a Republican who voted for Trump."

Read the whole editorial here.