Arkansas GOP busted for re-using South Dakota's error-filled resolution to whitewash Black History Month
Frederick Douglass (National Archives and Records Administration)

Republicans in the Arkansas state Senate were caught this week using controversial language from a South Dakota GOP resolution that whitewashes their party's role in racial injustice.

Earlier this month, South Dakota Republicans came under fire for a Black History Month resolution claiming the U.S. has a "positive history on race and slavery."

In South Dakota, lawmakers eventually declined to adopt the resolution.

Both documents repeatedly paint Democrats as the party of slavery and the Ku Klux Klan, while ignoring the last 50 years of Republican policies and actions opposing racial progress and the Civil Rights movement.

The measure also cites Frederick Douglass to claim that the U.S. Constitution was not a "pro-slavery document" despite the three-fifths clause that counted African-American as partial people.

"America was not a major world leader in the African slave trade," the Arkansas resolution claims. "America is currently one (1) of the top nations in the world in fighting slavery, the slave trade, and human trafficking."

Historian Kevin Kruse pointed out in a series of tweets that the resolution is riddled with errors.