Couple arrested after missing pregnant Arkansas woman found dead: report

On Thursday, KHBS reported that a 31 weeks pregnant Arkansas woman was found dead in Southern Missouri, along with her fetus which was found in a separate location — and a married couple has been arrested on suspicion of, at least, kidnapping her.

"Ashley Bush, 33, was 31 weeks pregnant. The baby's name was Valkyrie Grace Willis," reported Adam Roberts. "The bodies of Bush and her daughter were found in separate locations. The baby was found Wednesday and Bush was found Thursday. Bush had three children, ages 8, 7, and 2, and was engaged to be married."

"A married couple, Amber Watterman and Jamie Watterman, both of Jane, Missouri, were arrested on kidnapping charges," said the report. "Bush appears to have been killed by a gunshot wound, Nathan Smith, Benton County prosecutor, said ... It wasn't clear where Bush or her child were killed, as so homicide charges have not yet been filed."

According to the report, police have not yet determined a motive for the killing. Under Arkansas law, the murder of a pregnant woman is charged as two murders. The FBI is reportedly also investigating the case, as is common when an apparent homicide occurs across state lines.

"Ashley Bush, was last seen in the passenger seat of an older model tan pickup truck on the afternoon of Monday, Oct. 31, at the intersection of Highway 72 and Highway 43 in Maysville. A white woman in her 40s with shoulder-length brown hair was driving the truck," said the report. "Bush was looking for a job working from home when she met a woman named 'Lucy' online. 'Lucy' picked Bush up at the Handi-Mart in Maysville to take her to a job interview in Bentonville. Law enforcement later said that 'Lucy' was actually a woman named Amber Watterman."

Per the report, "Officials were not yet able to lay out a precise timeline of the kidnapping and killings."

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