Asian-American actor brutally assaulted — on his way to opening night of NYC show: report
Police Dreamstime/TNS

On Friday, the New York Post reported that an Asian-American actor was assaulted in Lower Manhattan — while on his way to the opening night of his show.

"The unnamed performer was assaulted Wednesday night near Seward Park on the Lower East Side on his way to The Public Theater, according to a statement from the theater and production company," reported Craig McCarthy and Joe Marino. "The artist has his glasses broken, suffered bruises to his eyes and 'was kicked multiple times,' leaving him unable to perform his role for the opening of 'The Chinese Lady,' the theater said. He instead played one of the instruments during the show."

"This violence and the hatred that fuels it remain disgusting and heartbreaking and have created an environment full of fear where safety seems scarce for our Asian American neighbors," said the statement.

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The motivation for this incident is unknown. However, it occurred just a few blocks away from the murder of Christina Yuna Lee earlier this month, in which a man named Assamad Nash allegedly followed her into her apartment and fatally stabbed her. This is being investigated as a sexually motivated crime, although hate crime motivation has not been ruled out.

Attacks on Asian-Americans have surged around the country in recent years — driven in part by hate crimes perpetrated by people who falsely believe they are responsible for spreading COVID-19 to the United States.