Murdered woman's son calls BS on 'sex addiction' defense in Atlanta spa shootings
Crisp County sheriff.

Authorities in Georgia have said that Robert Aaron Long, the suspect in the killing of 8 people at Asian massage parlors had sex-addiction issues.

But Randy Park, who identified his mother Hyun Jung Grant as one of the victims, discounted that claim in an interview with The Daily Beast.

"That's bullsh*t," Park said.

Park also had questions about the gunman's family, who reportedly help authorities catch their son.

"My question to the family is, what did y'all teach him?" he asked.

"Did you turn him in because you're scared that you'll be affiliated with him? You just gonna scapegoat your son out? And they just get away scot free? Like, no, you guys definitely taught him some sh*t," he said.

"Take some f*cking responsibility," he suggested.