Republican cop indicted for falsifying his address to run for mayor
Ivan Gonzalez (Photo: Facebook campaign page)

A police officer in Baltimore, Maryland was outed for lying about his residence so he could run for political office.

WMAR News reported that officer Ivan Gonzalez was indicted Monday by a grand jury on charges of perjury. According to the report, Gonzalez allegedly falsified his voter registration, gave a false oath, and falsified an entry in a public record, additional charges.

While under oath with the Baltimore Board of Elections, Gonzalez said that he lived in Baltimore City, but he actually lived in Baltimore County.

Gonzalez ran for Baltimore City Mayor as a Republican candidate in 2020 and claimed a rowhouse in Canton as a residential address, but he is the owner of a house in Essex, which was his primary residence.

"The Office of the State Prosecutor is committed to ensuring the integrity and transparency of our electoral process," said Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton T. Howard III. "We will continue to investigate and where appropriate hold accountable anyone who is alleged to have subverted that process by knowingly providing false information to establish their qualifications as a candidate for political office."

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