Trump-installed acting US attorney resigns less than one month after call to Georgia Secretary of State
Bobby L. Christine (U.S. Department of Justice)

An acting federal prosecutor in the state of Georgia, who was tapped by former President Donald Trump amid his failed post-election effort to overturn the presidential election, has resigned from his position, according to a confirmation statement released by a spokesperson.

According to Law & Crime, Barry Paschal, public affairs officer for the Northern District of Georgia, announced the resignation of acting U.S. Attorney Bobby Christine on Monday, Feb. 1.

Christine was appointed by Trump less than one month ago. At the time, the former president had waged war against Georgia's state and election officials with the intent of pressuring them to invalidate the state's presidential election results.

Trump even placed a call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger asking him to "find" 11,870 votes to overturn the election. The entire debacle led to the sudden departure of former U.S. Attorney General Byung J. "Bjay" Pak. In his resignation letter, Pak cited "unforeseen circumstances" as the reason for his abrupt departure, Atlanta's 11-Alive reported:

"It has been the greatest honor of my professional career to have been able to serve my fellow citizens as the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia," Pak said in the release. "I have done my best to be thoughtful and consistent, and to provide justice for my fellow citizens in a fair, effective and efficient manner. I am grateful to President Trump and the United States Senate for the opportunity to serve, and to former Attorneys General Sessions and Barr for their leadership of the Department."

Later reports revealed the White House actually pressured Pak into resigning.

Under the Vacancies Reform Act, Kurt R. Erskine was named as Christine's replacement. He has served as a longtime first assistant U.S. attorney within the Atlanta office.