Anti-maskers harass elementary school after claiming kids can't wear masks without 'medical license'
Samuel Braslow/Twitter/screen grab

A group of protesters gathered at Hawthorne Elementary School in Beverly Hills on Wednesday to object to children wearing face masks.

Samuel Braslow, a staff writer at The Beverly Hills Courier, shared video and images of the protest on Twitter.

Protesters at the event handed flyers to children and told them not to wear masks. The protesters also held signs reading "Question COVID lies" and "Let the children breathe."

Braslow said that the children could be seen crumpling up the flyers. Some school staff worked to shield the children from the protesters.

One woman claimed that the U.S. Constitution requires children to have a "medical license" to wear marks.

"Ask parents to file a lawsuit against teachers, principals and school districts," she told Braslow. "Because according to our Constitution, only a person who has a medical license can practice medicine. And a mask is a medical device."

Watch some of the video clips below.