Biden has more important things to do than being glued to Trump’s impeachment: CNN report
Jake Johnson, Common Dreams

White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained that while former President Donald Trump might have his impeachment trial this week, current President Joe Biden has more important things to do.

"The President himself would tell you that we keep him pretty busy, and he has a full schedule this week," she said at Monday's briefing. "I think it's clear from the schedule and from his intention he will not spend too much time watching the proceeding, if any time."

Biden's schedule, according to CNN, shows that he'll tour a large COVID-19 vaccine center. He also has his first visit and speech to the Pentagon this week and will continue to work to pass his COVID-19 relief package.

The "White House officials hope the trial moves quickly and doesn't distract from the urgent imperative of combating the coronavirus pandemic or confirming Biden's Cabinet nominees," said CNN. He has more than enough to do.

"His focus will be on getting the pandemic under control, engaging with civil servants who are at the heart and soul of government and engaging with a range of leaders to get the bill passed," explained a White House official.

When reporters asked him questions about Trump's impeachment, Biden said, "Look, he got an offer to come testify. He decided not to. We will let the Senate work it out." He then went inside the Oval Office for his presidential daily security briefing.

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