White House changes their pitch in effort to get infrastructure across the finish line: report
Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz.

The White House is shifting its messaging strategy for its infrastructure after receiving criticism from Democrats "across the ideological spectrum," Politico reported Monday.

"Having spent months pushing his domestic priorities through a dual-track approach — a jobs plan and a families plan — President Joe Biden is once more placing his initiatives under the umbrella of 'Build Back Better,'" Politico explained. "Its reemergence is, in part, an effort to placate Democrats and progressives who raised concerns that the myriad proposals that made up an ambitious infrastructure agenda had become too confusing to explain to supporters."

Climate activists had worried that their proposals did not fit well in the "families" plan after Biden cut a deal with Republicans on the "jobs" plan by reducing climate change investments.

The compromise infrastructure framework is also in danger, Politico reported under the headline, "GOP support for bipartisan infrastructure deal going wobbly."

On Friday, Trump demanded Republicans stop negotiating with Democrats.

Referring to "Republicans In Name Only," the former president said, "RINO Republicans should stop negotiating the infrastructure deal—you are just being played by the Radical Left Democrats—they will give you nothing!"