Fox News’ Peter Doocy mocks President Biden for wearing a mask at the same Ford plant Trump wouldn’t

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is openly mocking President Joe Biden for wearing a mask inside Ford's Dearborn, Michigan electric vehicle plant, forcing Fox News to admit they have no idea what the local rules or company's rules are.

Biden happens to be visiting the same plant that almost exactly one year ago had asked President Donald Trump to wear a mask, but later rescinded that request once it was refused – despite state law requiring masks at the time.

"The President is saying a lot by showing us what he's wearing," Doocy told Fox News viewers Tuesday afternoon, noting that Biden has "a face mask covering his nose which conflicts with the CDC guidance."

Doocy is wrong, which he himself acknowledges in his very next sentence.

"You don't have to do that or socially distance indoors or outdoors as long as you are vaccinated."

But you can, and you have to if the company you are visiting has a policy requiring masks, or the city or state still has a rule on masks – which it appears is still in place. Every photo of everyone inside that Ford plant, including reporters, shows them wearing masks.

Doocy didn't bother to determine if Ford has a mask policy in place, as the network was forced to admit:

What made Trump's refusal to wear a mask at that plant last year even worse was it wasn't manufacturing cars, but PPE and ventilators due to the pandemic.

It seems like there's a company policy to continue to wear masks. Tweets from Detroit News' Jordyn Grzelewski: