Biden warns GOP: Republicans have to decide if they want to work together or ‘continue the politics of division’
Joe Biden (Screen Grab)

President Joe Biden wasted no time in his first press conference drawing a line in the sand, responding to his first question by saying the GOP is going to have to decide if they want to work with him, and making clear he will accomplish his goals regardless of what they decide to do.

"I've been hired to solve problems, to solve problems, not create divisions," Biden told reporters.

Fox News's Kayleigh McEnany and other "Fox & Friends" co-hosts Thursday morning claimed President Biden would refuse to answer questions, and would just dodge and pivot. They claimed he was in hiding because White House aides "don't want to show how badly he is declining."

He did anything but hide, refuse to answer questions, dodge, or pivot away.

Halfway into answering his second question, PBS News' Yamiche Alcindor interrupted him because he was going so far into detail.