'FOLLOW THE MONEY': QAnon kooks cooking up a batch of new conspiracies after Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce
A surge in child trafficking misinformation pushed by QAnon conspiracy theorists is stirring public panic. (AFP)

The announcement that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing after 27 years was greeted by surprise by many on Monday, with speculation about how their $130 billion fortune will be split up and what will happen to their powerful Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

On the other hand, for QAnon believers who have pushed the story that COVID-19 vaccines supported by Bill Gates have tiny microchips in them that will be used to track recipients, a simple parting of the ways by the wealthy couple can only mean something nefarious is afoot.

As Vice reports, the Gates separation has the conspiracy-minded suggesting that Melinda Gates is actually a clone and another rumor running rampant that she is leaving the Microsoft billionaire to be with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

According to Vice's David Gilbert, the QAnon contingent was all over the divorce news with QAnon authority Mike Rothschild tweeting, "Because I know you're curious, and no, I'm not screenshotting any of it, the QAnon take on Bill and Melinda Gates splitting up is either that she's already been replaced by a male clone, it's a strategy to protect his money after he's arrested, or she's leaving him for Fauci."

"Almost instantly, a flurry of baseless and disgusting conspiracies were being shared and promoted on QAnon message boards and Telegram channels, where QAnon followers were eager to decode the meaning of this news about a man they believe is central to the core conspiracy belief that elites are operating a secret global child sex-trafficking ring," Gilbert wrote before adding, "On Gab, Telegram and the GreatAwakening, posters shared the theory that the divorce was simply a ruse to protect the couple's vast fortune—despite the fact that the Gateses have pledged to give away half of their wealth before they die."

One popular theory is that the couple is separating and splitting up their fortune before Donald Trump rises up out of Mar-a-Lago and makes himself president again.

"FOLLOW THE MONEY. They divorce to secure some of their money, for when Bill Gates has his money seized by Trump for crimes against humanity, IMO" wrote "Susan" on the "We The Media" Telegram channel.

Another theory is that the divorce was announced to distract attention away from the findings coming out of the Arizona 2020 presidential vote audit being undertaken in Maricopa County.

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You can watch a Vice report on QAnon's obsession with Bill Gates and vaccines below:

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