Republican slams GOP to Bill Maher for claiming to love America while trying to destroy it
SE Cupp and Bill Maher (Photos: Screen capture)

Republican S. E. Cupp went off after her party during an appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher."

Calling it a "punch in the d*ck," Cupp addressed what Maher called the "one-two-punch" of five years of Donald Trump finished off by COVID-19.

"I just want people to understand," Maher began. "We have not moved an inch in solving the fundamental problem that we had six months ago, which is that the people of the United States hate each other and will not work with each other. This is the essential problem."

He rattled off new polling explaining what Republicans believe about the election and what they consider to be the cause of the problems in the United States. Over 50 percent said "other people." The word "other" was a word that veteran news reporter April Ryan called a "code word."

Maher noted that people can take a breather for all the work done over the course of the past four years of the Trump administration, but that the "right-wing isn't self-deporting." He said that the lesson that they took from the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was that "we must never let that happen again," but they meant democracy.

"If your biggest idea, your biggest problem is that there's too much democracy, too much voting, we've got to crack down on it," Cupp said. "Too much speech and protesting, we gotta crackdown on that. Too much access to information. Let's crackdown on that. I mean, what a punch in the gut. And for the party, the Republican Party, that makes pornography of patriotism and practically fellates the Founding Fathers, it is jarring and disorienting to have America this way."

See the full clip below:

"Other People" in America | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)